Matrix Homeserver

The SkyTemple Discord Server has an experimental mirror/bridge for Matrix.

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The rules of our Discord server apply:

  1. All Discord rules / TOS apply.
  2. Be nice to each other.
  3. Don't spam.
    3b. In #art-and-promotion top level posts may only contain art and promotion. For discussion and compliments, use threads under the main posts. In all other channels, use Threads sparingly and only when helpful. Limit threads to a minimum and only use them for their actual purpose: Keeping track of small little discussions when there's already a lot going on in a channel. Thread spam is ONLY allowed in #/dev/threads (requires "Dumpster" role)
  4. Do NOT link to ROMs. No discussion on how to obtain ROMs (but links to help dump your own are allowed).
    4b. Do not upload patches for ROM hacks without moderator approval (through @Magnezone (SkyTemple Modmail)#1634). Links to patches are allowed, so long as those patches don't violate any other rules.
  5. Promoting things is only allowed in the #art-and-promotion channel. The only exception to this are EoS ROM hacks, which can be promoted in the "EoS ROM Hacks" channels. You are not allowed to post invites to other servers (except if you have the role @PMDCollab).
  6. No NSFW/NSFL content is allowed on this server. This includes any fetished images which are technically SFW.
  7. In the case of an unwritten rule, the decisions of the mods takes precedence.
  8. The language of this server is English. There are a few channels in other languages, which you can unlock by selecting the roles below. If you do not communicate in English outside of these channels, you may be banned after a warning.
  9. Political, religious, ideological and discussions about crypto are generally not allowed. There is no hard line here, but if people ask you to stop, stop.

Some channel-specific rules may not apply at the moment, if the channel does not exist on Matrix. For rules in regards to the modmail bot, see the contact section below instead.


For questions etc. contact