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The SkyTemple Mascot

by Capypara

Although they may look scary and intimidating, Duskako are actually kind souls who are naturally well versed in healing magic. Many of them will spend a good portion of their lives learning from older Duskako how to cure disease and once they have learned all they can they will start to travel around looking for a place where their skills are needed.

Ref-Sheet by AphraEzar

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Ref-Sheet by AphraEzar

The Lore

Duskako took a deep breath in trying not to show the excitement she felt on her face. This town was sick, some sort of virus was going around from creature to creature causing them to quickly lose strength and barely cling to life in a matter of a few days. They were all very sad and desperate, but for her this was everything she had always wanted. She had spent most of her life helping others get well from illnesses she knew of, but this was something entirely new and the thought of trying to find a cure made her body shake with joy.

- D&D Race Sheets and lore by Yeesha Stone -

Duskako muttered quietly under his breath as he sorted the many potions and vials on his store shelves. Growing up he had always been told that helping to heal and cure others would make him feel fulfilled in life, but he had been running this remedy shop for the past 4 years and didn’t feel like he was going anywhere or doing much for anyone. Sure every once and awhile someone would wander in that was close to death and he would slowly revive them back to a stable state, but then they would just go out and get hurt all over again.

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Terms of Use

You want to use Duskako? Here's everything you are allowed to use him in:

  • Illustrations, drawings, etc.
  • ROM Hacks created with the help of DreamNexus or SkyTemple,
  • PMD or Pokémon fan games as long as Duskako is not taking a main role, or
  • any written and/or video content covering DreamNexus, SkyTemple or the associated communities.

You must not claim Duskako as your own creation and instead link to this page as credits. Do not modify his design (no other colors except for shiny/normal). Do not give him evolutions or pre-evolutions.

All works Duskako is used in must be SFW (not contain any adult content or excessive gore).

If what you want to do does not fall under these rules, still feel free to contact Capypara#7887 on Discord and ask for special permission. In general we would love to hear about your projects or art you use Duskako in, it's exciting!